Small Business Digital Transformation Series



6 x 3-hour monthly workshops – limited to 16 participants per group
6 x 1-hour online project progress debriefs
Fully funded – your investment is 4-hours of your time a month


Business Criteria:

• Sole trader/self-employed or up to 20 employees
• Not already enrolled in the MBIE Business Boost programme
• Be operating in a commercial environment
• Must be a privately‐owned business, or a Māori Trust or incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 or similar organisation managing Māori assets under multiple ownership
• Must want to improve digital skills and utilise digital tools for your business

This series is not just about learning something new, it’s about doing something with that knowledge.

You will apply ideas and energy to your own business over the six months of engagement to improve your business’s potential.

Each session will consist of:
• Knowledge sharing
• Resource recommendations
• Assignments – applying new learning to your business.

Workshop 1 The Baseline – Where we stand:

Our knowledge and experience with the world of online will vary. Some of us will be on first or second-generation websites, others might still be considering e-commerce or online marketing. Regardless of where you are on your digital journey, there is always something to learn and you have plenty to offer your peers in helping to strengthen our combined digital capability.

What we will cover:
• Set the scene and expectations for this series
• An introduction to Digital Boost Educate and the Checkable tool
• Undertake a digital benchmarking assessment
• Positive and negative digital work stories
• Create a plan of action
• Action task no 1.

Online debrief session:
One week before Workshop 2, we will review the progress of Task 1 and set the scene for the next session.

Workshop 2 Websites – Back to Basics:

Whether you use a website for customer awareness or e-commerce, it is an important tool in your digital portfolio. The decision to self-build or engage a designer still requires technical awareness and planning on your part to ensure you get what you need. This session will examine why a website will benefit your business and what your next step could be.

What we will cover:
• Why do I need a website
• Is e-commerce a consideration
• Online advertising, selling through 3rd party websites (i.e. Trade Me)
• The self-build website
• Choosing and keeping a web designer on task
• Using Analytics
• Action task No. 2

Online debrief session:
One week before Workshop 3, we will review the progress of Task 2 and set the scene for the next session.

Workshop 3 Social Media – Customer Facing:

The interactive nature of social media platforms means opportunities to engage with customers in ways that would usually be out of reach for small businesses. Whether it is fear, fads or frustration, some have attempted with unprecedented success, and others have failed. This doesn’t mean you should ignore or delay the world of online. In this session, we will look at platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter to determine what is and is not relevant to our business models.

What we will cover:
• What is Social Media
• Review of relevant business platforms
• What works for me
• Action task No. 3

Online debrief session:
One week before Workshop 4, we will review the progress of Task 3 and set the scene for the next session.

Workshop 4 Video conferencing – And Other Digital Tools:

Most of us are now familiar with a video conference, thanks to Covid lockdowns. However, this technology has been with us for decades and is potentially underutilised as a customer engagement and marketing platform. Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, and GoToMeeting are some options available. Additionally, numerous cloud-based productivity tools should be considered, including CRM, design and productivity tools.

What we will cover:
• What and why video conferencing
• Ideas for marketing your business
• CRM’s
• The cloud – business productivity tools.
• Action ta
• Task No.4
Online debrief session:
One week before Workshop 5, we will review the progress of Task 4 and set the scene for the next session.

Workshop 5 Online Finance and Security – Money Talks, Money Walks:

Online banking, customer transactions, business finances, Taxation and digital data security. All these areas of business are not only vital to your survival, they are integral to digital access and engagement. If you are not already well engaged with this, your business financial transactions could be costing you money.

What we will cover:
• Keeping your data safe
• Scammers
• Banking
• Financial Management Tools
• Action Plan No. 5

Online debrief session:
One week before Workshop 6, we will review the progress of Task 5 and set the scene for the next session.

Workshop 6 Final Session – Review and Planning:

We will reflect on our digital journey in this final session. Now we have the fundamentals in place, it’s time to commit to a sustainable future to ensure we get the most out of our digital universe and our place in it.

What we will cover:
• The rights skills
• The right tools
• Finding time to make it all happen and continue working for you
• A simple Strategic Plan

Online debrief session:
Three weeks after Workshop 6, we will review the progress of the Strategic Plan and set the scene for the future.


FUNDING: Digital Facilitation Scheme