Business Voice is the definitive Business Confidence Survey for the Whanganui district, capturing the pulse of our vibrant business community. Conducted tri-annually in February, June, and October (from June 2024), this survey provides a snapshot of the current business climate through the insights of a diverse range of businesses and community organisations.

Business Owners and Leaders – by participating you contribute to a clearer picture of the business landscape in Whanganui at a specific point in time. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping the support and learning opportunities we develop for you and your peers. On a broader scale, the survey results guide our advocacy efforts and inform our discussions with key decision-makers who influence the economic trajectory of our region.

Your voice matters. Make it heard through Business Voice.

Business Voice is open to all Whanganui businesses. Non-members, subscribe to our e-comms to receive information about future surveys.




Business Voice June 2024 Snapshot:

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