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Artificial Intelligence & Privacy

Latest from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. Thinking about privacy is vital if you are going to use artificial intelligence (AI) tools well. Privacy is a starting point for responsible use of AI tools

Residential Care Subsidy – 2023 Update

July 1st heralds the annual changes to the Residential Care Subsidy asset and income thresholds, as well as the maximum contribution required to be paid towards care in our region. So how does the Residential Care Subsidy work?

Weather Events and Property Damage

This article explores what happens when property is damaged in the context of:
1. Sale and Purchase Property Transactions; and
2. The obligations of Landlords and Tenants with residential tenancies.

Do I need a Will?

Making a will is one of those uncomfortable topics but If you die without leaving a will, your will is outdated or it’s not legally valid, it can cause confusion, conflict and disputes between family as to how your assets are distributed.

The New Incorporated Societies Act 2022

The new Incorporated Societies Act 2022, which will take effect from October 2023, will focus on improving Incorporated Society governance by retaining the best of the 1908 Act and codifying case law in the new Act.

Employment Law: Basics of Dismissal

Ending an employee’s employment is not straightforward. There are many steps an employer must follow before they can tell an employee that they are dismissed. Those steps are different depending on the proposed reason for dismissing the employee.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

There are a number of essential legal documents everyone should have – Enduring Powers of Attorney rank highly on the list. They allow your attorney to continue acting when you are no longer able to make or communicate decisions for yourself.

Employing Skilled Migrants to Fill a Gap

“Skilled Migrant” People who have skills that will contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth. – Immigration New Zealand.  This article highlights the complexities in the current Immigration space and how to critically evaluate and navigate your way as employer or Skilled Migrant worker.